Workshop "Heat Transfer with Phase Change in Fluid Systems: An update"

On 19 and 20 September 2019, the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering at the University of Paderborn and the Department of Technical Thermodynamics at the University of Kassel organized the workshop "Heat Transfer with Phase Change in Fluid Systems: An update". The topic is important from both an academic and an industrial point of view. Participants from all over Germany came to Paderborn to present and discuss their research topics.

The contributions ranged from fundamental topics, such as the formation of bubble nuclei during bubble boiling (University of Kassel), to modelling the phase transition during condensation and evaporation (University of Munich), to practice-oriented heat utilisation in households using latent heat accumulators (University of Paderborn). A total of 11 current research topics were presented in lectures by participants from Berlin, Bochum, Bremen, Freiburg, Kassel, Munich, Münster and Paderborn and intensively discussed during a poster session. At the end of the workshop a panel discussion took place, in which the future path of the topic area was discussed.

The event was a complete success: The focused topic and the selected event format appeared to be a good complement to today's predominantly large-scale congresses. The format was received very positively by the organisers and participants. All participants agreed that there should be further workshops of this kind.