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Welcome to the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering

The successful optimisation and intensification of industrial processes depends on the predictability and robustness of the developed process models and simulation tools.
The Chair of Fluid Process Engineering uses the so-called approach of complementary modelling, which is based on an efficient combination of models of different level of detail.

The research activities of the chair include four priorities:

  • detailed studies of elementary transport phenomena in different systems with the aim of a more precise understanding of the process
  • innovative developments in the field of process intensification, particularly energy-integrated and micro structured devices
  • theoretical and experimental study of non-reactive and reactive separation units including its internals
  • innovative solutions to problems of heat supply and heat removal in modern industrial applications

The chair plays a fundamental role in these important research areas within the Competence Center for Sustainable Energy Technology (KET). Furthermore we are actively involved in the excellence cluster "it's OWL". The research of the chair is mostly carried out in cooperation with national and international partners from industry and academia.

In our lectures we teach the most important technical applications for the separation of liquids and gases in industry, in addition to the necessary basic knowledge of heat and mass transfer. Furthermore the conception and design of fluid process engineering production facilities are explained. The practical application of this knowledge can be tested in experiments on pilot plants. Students can also intensify their knowledge of the modelling of fluid process engineering phenomena or innovative developments in fluid process engineering, like process intensification. Interested students are offered the opportunity to gain international experiences through our Erasmus cooperation with departments at the
Université de Liège and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Chair of Fluid Process Engineering (FVT)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Paderborn University
Pohlweg 55
D-33098 Paderborn

Prof. Kenig
Building E
Room E3.354
Phone: +49 (0)5251/60-2408

Building E
Room E3.359
Phone: +49 (0)5251/60-2422
Fax: +49 (0)5251/60-2183


Competence Center for Sustainable Energy Technology




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