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Christmas Celebration of the chairs for Thermodynamics and Energy Technology as well as Fluid Process Engineering

Getting closer to this year's end, a Christmas celebration took place for all employees and students of the chair. We enjoyed tasty Christmas pastries and reviewed the year 2013 in a homely atmosphere. Additionally, presents for everyone in the room were exchanged by playing different team games: the higher the score of a team, the better the chances became for getting the present one preferred.
The celebration continued together with the chair for Thermodynamics and Energy Technology in the restaurant "Zur Leuchte". Savouring a nice buffet, we were entertained by live-music from the band "Die Thermostaten" and soloist Marco Hülsmann. Those who liked could give proof of their ninepin bowling abilities afterwards.
A big thank you to all attendees for our atmospheric get-together!

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