Autonomous drive engineering by sensor fusion for an intelligent, simulation-based monitoring and control of production facilities

Cooperating partners:HANNING ELEKTRO-WERKE Ltd. & Co. KG, Interroll Trommelmotoren Ltd.,

InTraCoM Ltd., Frauenhofer IIS/EAS, RWTH Aachen, Hochschule OWL,

Today, automated monitoring of plant conditions has become increasingly important in the industry. The research project AutASS is aimed at independently assessing the “health condition” of an electrical drive including the subsequent process. By evaluating a minimum number of measuring signals incipient damages can be recognized. Hence, the operator is able to carry out necessary repairs at an ideal time. Repair and maintenance expenses are thus minimized by a high utilization of the wear potential of the aggregates, avoiding secondary damages and improving organizational and logistical planning capability.

At the University of Paderborn, a load demonstrator is being designed and constructed to validate the monitoring system. This demonstrator generates various processes (conveyor belt, rolling shutter gates and spindle machines) and typical damages of drive train components (tilting of gears or clutches and distortion of bearings). The demonstrator measures and analyzes the occurring torque and machine vibrations.