Modular electromechanical drive concepts for industrial applications

To compete on the market, custom-designed drive system solutions are required. Adapting to a custom-specific application leads to a multitude of different drive system solutions with an increasing number of components.  The objective of a manufacturer of drive components is to compose a modular design of drive systems in such a way that, using a minimum number of components and a high standardization, the internal complexity is reduced and the variety of alternatives noticeable to the outside world maximized. The identification, reasonable combination and a need-based integration of optimal drive system components for specific applications including all the relevant boundary condition from the perspective of both the drive component manufacturer and the customer is the main challenge of composing a modular design of drive systems.

The KAt, supported by Siemens AG, is developing a tool for a quick and economic design of optimal drive systems (KoptA). This tool allows


  • the allocation of possible drive systems to the operating processes relevant to the targeted industry
  • the quantitative evaluation of possible drive systems based on weighted technical and economic criteria to identify the drive system that best meets the respective application.
  • The subsequent combination of the components of the selected drive systems to modular systems.