Tolerance Management

Dimensioning, tolerancing and tolerance analyses

Co-operation partners:    Miele, Kostal, Benteler, Ferchau, Airbus and others

Another research area of the chair is the optimization of components, assembly units and machines by a systematic, function-oriented and manufacturing-specific construction. In this, tolerance management is an important aspect including

  • the development of a general approach to dimensioning and tolerancing,
  • examination of tolerance combinations,
  • study of tolerance analyses and syntheses,
  • transfer of knowledge based on the state of the art
  • and a functional, manufacturing-specific and measuring-oriented examination of tolerance.

The aim of this project is to develop general approaches and guidelines as well as to provide skills and advice to optimize engineering drawings regarding unambiguousness and completeness, to promote the cooperation of engineering, manufacturing and verification, thereby making the complexity of tolerancing more manageable.