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Granting the FERCHAU Advancement Award 2019

In a ceremonious setting, students of Paderborn University were recently granted the FERCHAU Advancement Award. Senior Account Manager Arkadi Borowski and human resources specialist Elvira Wagner, both FERCHAU Paderborn honored Enis Dülger and Lucas Hermelingmeier (1st place), Jan Eike Busse (2nd place) and Alexander Huebner (3rd place) with the Advancement Award.

Highlighting and honoring special achievements - in keeping with this motto, FERCHAU has been awarding the FERCHAU Advancement  Award in close cooperation with the Chair of Design and Drive Technology (KAt), Paderborn University, since 2005. All  mechanical engineering students in their fourth semester of their basic studies are eligible to apply. This year, applicants  were asked to design a switchable transfer gear box for a rail-based load platform and fully document their concept.

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