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Additive Manufacturing

Using Additive Manufacturing ("3D Printing") it is possible to produce parts of almost any shape without the need for tools. Its major advantages are the fast availability of functional products and small series, the possibility to individualize products and the ability to quickly produce parts anywhere in the world without transportation costs. To this end, CAD files are processed into layer files, from which parts are built layer by layer.

Within the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC), the Particle Technology Group examines the polymer laser sintering. In this method, thin layers of polymer powder are preheated and then selectively melted by a laser. Although this process is already used in industrial production, there is still a need for research to further process know-how, reproducibility and to enable new applications. The PVT supports the success story of this manufacturing technology by exploring new LS materials or providing assistance for implementation and applications.

Current research areas

Qualification and monitoring of the polymer laser sintering process for improved parts reproducability
Material characterization and parameter development for a new polyamide formulation in the laser sintering process
Low-temperature laser sintering for processing high-temperature materials on standard systems
Investigating processability and material properties of filled polymer powders for the laser sintering process
Powder production of new polymer materials by Filament Extension Atomization
Production of new SLS materials using the PGSS process (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions)
Powder production and spheroidization of new polymer materials for SLS

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