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Aerosols are effecting today’s society in many ways. Significant influences show up when thinking about climate and health, as well as in industrial production processes. Due to the fact, that the influences of the aerosols in the specific processes are not fully understood, the number of research projects increased rapidly in the last years. Aerosol research combines methods and knowledge in the fields of physics, physical chemistry and chemical engineering. 

The Aerosol Research at the Chair of Particle Technology is lined up broadly. That way basic research, aerosol characterization and practical fine dust particle filtration are operated. The Chair of Particle Technology has a high level of equipment and is skilled to use it. Among other things, defined aerosols can be synthesized independently, what is the basis for a high degree of flexibility in the individual research projects.

Current research areas

DFG priority program for research on nanoparticle synthesis by spray flame pyrolysis
Modeling of droplet-aerosol phase separation by coalescence in flow-through separators

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