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Here you can download all the current documents and forms concerning the course of study Industrial Engineering.

Exam regulations

All Exam regulations can be found here.
Amendment records:

Temporary regulations between exam regulations

Temporary regulations PO v1 and PO v2 for Bachelor Master WING

Summary of the most important information on temporary regulations from PO v1 to PO v2. The temporary regulations are listed in the new POs as well.

Module manuals

All module manuals can be found here.


Forms for a crediting of credits gained abroad can be found here.

Requests to the Audit Committee (subsequent enrolment to exams, early admission to the bachelor’s thesis or master courses, miscellaneous) can be found here.

Equivalence tests for students of extern universities for studying master degree courses in Paderborn.

Internship regulations

Internship regulations can be found here.


The actuall studyguide can be found here

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