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Digitale Master-O-Phase in der Fakultät für Maschinenbau

Aufgrund der gegenwärtigen Lage haben wir eine digitale Master-O-Phase geschaffen, die Sie mit allen relevanten studiengangspezifischen Informationen zum Studieneinstieg ausstattet. Weitere Informationen.


Nützliche Video-Tutorials für Online-Semester

Zum Umgang mit den Herausforderungen und Chancen eines Online-Semesters haben wir für Sie einige Video-Tutorials produziert, die Ihnen helfen sollen, Ihr Studium erfolgreich zu bestreiten!



General information fresher

Dear first semesters, on this side the faculty, the students of the department and the HG wing provide you with important information about your studies. In addition to that you can find information about where to go and who to ask if you might have any questions. Do not hesitate to look in on our students of the department or HG wing, we are looking forward answering any of your questions and showing you around the campus.


Orientation phase

Organized by the students of the department and various fellow employees, the orientation phase offers a first insight into the academic world and student life. We are going to introduce you to the important organizations and facilities and to tell you the important things you need to do.  Of course we soothe away your fears of all the stuff that is new. Another important aspect is to strengthen the bonds among students, as it is absolutely essential to work and learn together in order to manage your studies. Of course, you might also want to go out and party with your fellow students. In general, our aim is to prepare you for your student life in Paderborn as well as possible.

Further information about the orientation phase is provided online on pages of the students of the department, the HG wing and on the central website for fresher.


The AStA

The AStA is a student representative organization that represents their interests and carries out any decision made by the student’s parliament (StuPa). It also takes care of the student’s administration issues.

The AStA consists of a chairman, a deputy and a speaker. Like already mentioned, the AStA represents student’s interests to the vice president’s office, administration office and professors. In a social context, it is important to address specific problems of our students and to provide possible solutions. The AStA does not only function as a representative organ but also as a contact if students might have any issues. 

Besides issues regarding higher education policy, the AStA runs a Copy-Service and organizes big university festivals like the AStA summer festival once a year and various other parties several times a year.

The StuPa elects the AStA once a year. At the end of each summer term we call upon the students to elect the members of the StuPa. The legislative period starts on October 1st each year and ends on September 30th the year after.


Eurobiz e.V.

You do not always have to travel far to discover new cultures.  Midsummer nights, Sangria or the French cuisine are just a few interesting aspects to discover. We, the Eurobiz, organize and look after exchange students who spent a semester abroad in Paderborn. The International Office (IO) is supporting us here. Our attention hereby is focused on integrative and intercultural exchange. Our program includes day excursions and weekend trips to German cities, an orientation Phase, support of the IOs Buddy-programs, cultural evening events where exchange students can present their home countries, the regulars’ table on Tuesdays, the University party and much else.

Through our work we get in contact with a lot of people from all over the world. Many acquaintances endure the whole study period and became friendships “across borderlines”.

Have we aroused your interest? Come by and get an impression of what to expect at our weekly Tuesday sessions at 8 pm in the Eurobiz office (SP2.0.101).



„European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management“- briefly ESTIEM – is the only professional student organization for students of industrial engineering represented pan-European. The aim of ESTIEM is to support the exchange between students of industrial engineering.

Founded in 1990, the organization consisting of 70 local groups meanwhile reaches about 50.000 students in more than 30 countries. Through various events across Europe ESTIEM not only helps establishing contacts but also supports ones’ personal development and career.

ESTIEM stands for overcoming boundaries, getting to know new cultures and making our work a pleasure every day. As we offer a wide range of activities like company tours, workshops, seminars or case study contests, the fun factor is not being missed out. As if to say: “Work hard – play hard” you will have the opportunity to discover the city, the student life and nightlife. The ESTIEM local group may be thought of as a subsidiary organization of the HG-Wing. Members will receive student discounts when they buy tickets for various events across Europe. They will also organize events for foreign students of industrial engineering, which implies regular meetings for organizational issues and leisure activities.

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