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Internship for High-Schoolers

What are the advantages of a practicum or an internship with us?

Secondary students can test out both themselves and us during their internship to see if our degree programs are right for them – a chance to avoid the painful decision process of “What to do after school?”

What does the internship/practicum offer?

  • getting to know our sixteen departments and our interdepartmental and inter-collegiate research groups
  • contribution to current research project while working together with respected companies
  • close supervision by a mentor in each department
  • strong practical application while working in the laboratory and on the development of technologies and products which will determine the direction of the future
  • taking part in lectures and tutorials during the semester
  • insight into the requirements of a degree program in  Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, and/or Computer Science Engineering


The appointments for internships can be requested at responsible contacts.

Whenever you would like to do an internship, no matter if during the semester or during vacations, we create individual internship plans and find professors, research assistants, engineers, technical assistants, and students for you.

Further information:

The University for the Information Society