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Feritscope FMP30

Feritscope FMP30 from Fischer 

  • Non-destructive measurement of ferrite content ranging from 0.1 to 80% (0.1 up to 100 FN)
  • Units of measurement variable: either WRC-FN or % Fe
  • Statistical evaluation of results, with average, standard deviation, highest and lowest values, range
  • Calculation of process capability factors cp and cpk
  • USB connectivity

Rapid and non-destructive measurement of ferrite content via a magnetic-inductive testing procedure. All magnetic areas in an otherwise non-magnetic metallic structure (i.e., delta-ferrite or martensite) are registered by the test. The advantage of the magnetic-inductive process is that the sigma-phase (i.e. Fe-Cr precipitates which can occur with a high ferrite content under unfavorable cooling conditions) is correctly registered as a non-ferritic phase.


  • Austenitic welds
  • Platings
  • Duplex steels
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