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Transmission Electron Microscope CM200

Technical Specifications

  • Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope TEM-STEM Philips CM200 with a maximum accelerating voltage: 200 kV
  • Magnification in normal TEM operation: 22x – 1,000,000x; in HR operation with resolution of 0.24 nm
  • Raster scan unit for micro-analysis, bright and dark field STEM-imaging, varying diffraction modes
  • EDX-analysis with an energy-dispersive spectrometer from EDAX, Super UTW Si (Li) detector; Resolution: 125 eV, detection of all elements with atomic number higher than Boron (Z =5)
  • Double-tilt cradle, as well as cooled or heated cradles for examinations from -120° up to 100° C, Tilt angle: 20°
  • Photographic plate camera, as well as video camera with monitor connection


  • Investigation of nano-scale structures
  • Analysis of deformation mechanisms
  • Imaging of lattice defects such as dislocations, grain boundaries, or precipitates
  • Detection of phase transformations
Further information:

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