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Mitarbeiter des LiA

Alan Camberg

 Alan  Camberg

Leichtbau im Automobil

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter - Teamleiter Simulation

+49 5251 60-5961
+49 5251 60-5333

ResearchGate Profile

Alan Camberg on ResearchGate


9. A holistic approach to the lightweight design of tailored structural components using the example of a hybrid A-pillar; Hielscher C., Camberg A. A.;  Aachen Body Engineering Days, Aachen, 2019

8. Predicting plasticity and fracture of severe pre-strained EN AW-5182 by Yld2000 yield locus and Hosford-Coulomb fracture model in sheet forming applications; Camberg A. A., Tröster T., Bohner F., Tölle J.; International Deep Drawing Research Group 38th Annual Conference, Enschede, 2019

7. Investigation of ductility and fracture characteristics of EN AW-5182 H18 at non-isothermal forming conditions; Camberg A. A., Tröster T., Bohner F., Tölle J.; 5th MATFEM Conference, München/Hohenkammer, 2019

6. LHYBS – Lightweight Design by Novel Hybrid Materials; Camberg A.A., Troester T., Heggemann, T., Homberg, H., Schaper, M., Dietrich, J., Bremser, W., Achterberg, L., Kabst, M., Wille, M., Peckhaus, V.; 8th NRW Nano Conference, Innovations in Materials and Applications. Dortmund, 2018

5. Modelling the interface of hybrid Metal-FRP components joint by form closures; Triebus M., Tröster T., Camberg A. A., Bienia S., Dröder K.; 15th German LS-DYNA Forum, Bamberg, 2018

4. Innovative Hybrid Material and Structure Concepts for Automotive Lightweight Design: Potentials and Challenges; Camberg A.A., Troester T.; International Energy Agency - Advanced Materials for Transportation Applications, Technical Symposium Berlin, 2018

3. Tailored Stacked Hybrids – an Optimization-Based Approach in Material Design for Further Improvement in Lightweight Car Body Structures; Camberg A.A., Stratmann I., Troester T.; Proceedings of Faszination Hybrider Leichtbau, Wolfsburg, 2018

2. Optimization-based material design of tailored stacked hybrids for further improvement in lightweight car body structures; Camberg A.A., Troester T.; Proceedings of 3rd Int Conf on Hybrid Materials and Structures, Bremen, 2018

1. Influence of strain rate on the instability in high speed cupping tests - Investigation on dual phase steel and numerical validation by CRACH; Weiß-Borkowski N., Gese H., Camberg A., Richter H., Marten T., Troester T.; 4th MATFEM Conference, München/Hohenkammer, 2016


5. Top-Down-Entwicklung von Faser-Metall-Laminaten auf Grundlage von Gesamtfahrzeugsimulationen; Camberg A. A.; Carbon Composites Magazin 2/2018; ISSN 2366-8024, 2018

4. Formability enhancement of EN AW-5182 H18 aluminum alloy sheet metal parts in a flash forming process: testing, calibration and evaluation of fracture models; Camberg A. A., Bohner F., Tölle J., Schneidt A., Meiners S., Tröster T.; IOP Materials Science and Engineering 418(1):012018; DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/418/1/012018, 2018

3. Forming limit curves of DP600 determined in high-speed Nakajima tests and predicted by two different strain-rate-sensitive models; Weiß-Borkowski N., Lian J., Camberg A., Tröster T., Münstermann S., Bleck W., Gese H., Richter H.; American Institute of Physics AIP Conference Proceedings 1960, 150017 (2018); DOI: 10.1063/1.5035024, 2018

2. Top-down design of tailored fiber-metal laminates; Camberg A.A., Engelkemeier K., Dietrich J., Heggemann T.; 2/18 DOI 10.1007/s41777-018-0004-1, 2018

1. Manufacturing and investigation of steel-CFRP hybrid pillar structures for automotive applications by intrinsic resin transfer moulding technology; Wang Z., Lauter C., Sanitther B., Camberg A., Troester T.; Int. J. Automotive Composites, Vol. 2, 2016; DOI: 10.1504/IJAUTOC.2016.084322

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