Present­a­tion of res­ults of the In­teg­rated Safety Pi­lot Re­gion

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The "Integrated Safety Pilot Region" (INSPIRE) aims to support emergency response organizations, such as fire departments, in their work by bringing together diverse technologies in a unified environment. On Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, the presentation of the project's results took place after three years of project work. The live demonstrations were spread across Paderborn's city center as part of the annual Paderborn Autumn Libori Festival and were accompanied by the Paderborn Fire Department. The scenario "large event" focused on the subprojects people flow measurement and social media. The "House fire" scenario was used to present the results of the Smart Home/Building and Drones subprojects. The Paderborn Fire Department's command vehicle was used to demonstrate how the information from the various subprojects flows together in a uniform environment and is also available on a mobile basis before arrival at a scene of emergency.

INSPIRE is coordinated by the safety innovation center gGmbH from Paderborn, which deals with topics of digital transformation in emergency response and cooperates closely with the city of Paderborn and the district of Paderborn. In the project, the safety innovation center designs and implements the INSPIRE.hub and the, which enable access to networked information from the subprojects. This looks like the following, for example: The private smart home detects a critical condition and notifies its owner. The owner can then alert the fire department, which can access smart home data and functions once the owner has given the go-ahead. This subproject is led by the company Symcon GmbH from Lübeck, which offers integration solutions for smart homes. The sub-project for automated flight of drones, led by CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH, headquartered in Essen, in association with Germandrones GmbH from Berlin, provides an initial overview of the site from a bird's eye view and thus provides profitable information. The sub-project for passenger flow measurement, led by RTB GmbH & Co. KG from Bad Lippspringe, a provider of traffic technology, uses its sensors to help detect dangerous situations at an early stage and initiate measures at major events. Additional information from the social media sub-project, led by the safety innovation center gGmbH, completes the operational situation picture. The filter functionality makes it possible to provide relevant information from large amounts of data. The scientific accompanying research of the C.I.K. (Computer Application and Integration in Construction and Planning) group of the University of Paderborn carries out the quality assurance in the project and places the results in the research context.

INSPIRE is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE) with approximately 1.6 million euros as part of the digital model region Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The results of the project are currently being tested in a practical pilot operation at the fire department. This will enable the fire department to access the INSPIRE system in its operations and to incorporate the experience gained into upcoming project phases as well as further research. The open approach of the project allows for transfer to other municipalities.

Figure: The INSPIRE partners and the guests of the results presentation in front of the fire department's command vehicle in Paderborn (Source: safety innovation center gGmbH).