Data Management in Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the website of the Data Management in Mechanical Engineering research group.


We investigate the methodical procedures and processes for the structured collection, development and storage of data and information throughout the entire product life cycle.

The question of semantic relationships between plant and quality data for the adaptation of design data is the starting point for research approaches. Which data can be used to what extent and what conclusions can be drawn from this are questions that the DMB research group is investigating.

The data and information organized with the help of product life cycle management and research data management systems are to be fed back into design and product development in a targeted manner and used for product generation development. The investigated data-driven simulation and development methods include procedures for planning, quality control, life cycle assessment and data analysis, including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In our research and teaching we deal with a variety of topics, which represent a cross-section of mechanical engineering:

Datenanalyse / Public Safety & Security

  • Datengetriebene Produktentwicklung
  • Produkt- und Prozessdatenmanagement
  • Erfassung und Analyse von Daten und Informationen aus dem gesamten Produktlebenszyklus
  • Life Cycle Assessment


  • CAD: SolidWorks
  • Synera (ehem. ELISE)
  • Topologieoptimierung
  • Nachhaltigkeitsberechnung

Additive Manufacturing

  • Potentialanalyse
  • Planung
  • Konstruktionsregeln
  • Funktionsintegration
  • Qualitätsmanagement


The research project "Bionics and AI for Sustainable Integration of Product Development for Resource-Efficient Lightweight Construction" (German akronym: BIKINI), funded by the BMWK and launched in October 2021, was successfully completed after three years of productive collaboration in Bremerhaven with our project partner, the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI). The developed software prototypes offer the possibility to make statements about…

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Hey, I'm Kathi and I'm very happy to be a new research assistant at the DMB! Already during my studies and even now I am volunteering at the Hochschulgruppe Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (HG-WING e.V.), which is committed to the networking and further education of industrial engineering students. I am also active in ESTIEM, a Europe-wide organization for WING students, as the Local Responsible of the LG Paderborn. This has given me the desire to…

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As part of our courses on emergency response, fire protection and information systems, we took the students on an excursion to the 112Rescue trade fair in Dortmund. There we met with Mr. Aschenbrenner for a tour of the trade fair and were able to gain an insight into the various topics of fire protection, rescue services and technical assistance. In particular, innovations in robotics and virtual reality could be tried out and experienced at…

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