Present­a­tion at the Sol­id Free­form Fab­ric­a­tion Sym­posi­um in Aus­tin, Texas

 |  Universität PaderbornResearchDMRCDatenmanagement im Maschinenbau

From Aug. 14-16, the 34th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium was held in Austin, Texas. The event offered a captivating look into the world of additive manufacturing, gathering experts and researchers from around the world to present and discuss the latest advances and developments in the industry.

The focus of this year's presentations ranged from process development and material innovations to modeling and design methods. The conference left a strong impression as a meeting place for innovators and researchers working together to shape the future of additive manufacturing. The event will undoubtedly help to continue to drive the development and application of the technology.

The Chair of Data Management in Mechanical Engineering was represented at SFF by Mr. Manuel Ott with a presentation on "Methodical Approach to Reducing Design Time by using Neural Networks in Early Stages of Concept Development".