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Absorption-desorption pilot plant for CO2-capture


The recently built multi-purpose pilot plant can be used for fluid dynamic studies of packings and other internals as well as for absorption and desorption experiments.



  • two glass columns:
    • absorption column (K1 in the flow sheet): inner diameter of 100 mm
    • desorption and fluid dynamics column (K2 in the flow sheet): inner diameter of 300 mm
    • packing: Montz B1.250; packing height: 3 m each
  • operation modes:
    • absorption: only K1 is used
    • closed loop: absorption in K1 and desorption in K2
    • fluid dynamics: observations and pressure drop measurements at K2

Download flow chart (PDF)


Operating conditions


absorption, K1


fluid dynamics, K2


desorption, K2


liquid load

liquid-phase temperature

gas-phase temperature

1 - 3,5 Pa0,5

10 - 60 m³/m²h

20 - 40 °C

20 - 60 °C

1 - 4 Pa0,5

10 - 100 m³/m²h

20 - 40 °C

20 - 60 °C

10 - 60 m³/m²h

boiling temperature


Sampling and analytics

The two columns are designed to measure axial temperature and concentration profiles. Both gas-phase and liquid-phase samples are taken with the aid of specially developed sampling flanges placed at 0.5 m intervals along the packing height.

Liquid-phase sampling:

  • Liquid trickles into the upper tube at the tip of the device, flows through the chamber and trickles out of the lower tube
  • With a syringe, the liquid can be taken from the chamber; liquid samples are collected and analysed off-line

Gas-phase sampling:

  • A tube is inserted into the flange and connected to the gas chromatograph via a system of heated pipes and a vacuum pump
  • Gas-phase samples are analysed online



Instrumentation and control

Process Control System DeltaV from Emerson Process Management




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