Gas-jet Chilling System KGW Isothermal TG-L-S

Chilling system with an extended exhaust nozzle for direct tempering with a continuous N2-gas jet

Gas chilling: low-temperature cooling system for applications to -180° C

The gas-based chilling system from the company KGW-Isotherm is designed for a temperature range from -180° to +120° C; the system is separated from the specimen being cooled. The cooling power is produced by using liquid nitrogen (N2). In principle, liquid nitrogen is first evaporated and then tempered in a heat exchanger, generating a consistently temperature-controlled gas jet. The object/specimen can then be exposed to this gas jet either directly or indirectly via a tempering chamber (under protective gas, if necessary).


  • Thermal testing of plastics, metals, compound materials, etc.
  • Cooling of electronic components
  • Deep-freezing for specimen chambers
  • Tempering of specimens for
    • Tensile, compression, or torque testing
    • Impact testing

    • Cyclical loading tests