mb-cn is a specific program of the Industrial Engineering Master’s program at Paderborn University:

  • Major
    Select one of eight possible technical majors and two corresponding basic modules.

  • Major-specific required electives
    One required elective has to be registered for.
  • Economics modules
    The module "Chinese and Culture in China" (10 ECTS) has to be registered for as the required elective. The other required electives can be selected freely.

  • Technical required elective
    The module "Technical communication in China" has to be registered for as the technical required elective.

  • Non-technical module
    The non-technical module is determined by "Intercultural competence".
  • Industrial internship
    The industrial internship is an engineering internship with the primary purpose to aquire some practical experience mainly related to mechanical engineering.
  • Student research paper
    "mb-cn"-students carry out their student research paper as part of a semester abroad at our partner university in Qingdao under the supervision of German scientists. At the same time, they offer tutorials for Chinese mechanical engineering students with German language skills: learning by doing!
  • Master's thesis
    The Master's thesis is carried out at least in part at a plant of one of our German partner companies in China, optionally in conjuction with an internship.
  • "mb-cn" summer school
    The summer school is a four-week program and takes place in September prior to the start of the semester in Qingdao.

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.), complemented by a diploma supplement “mb-cn”

For more information on the Master’s program in Industrial Engineering see pp. 17 of the study guide as well as the flyer “Industrial Engineering in China” (both available in German only).