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Degree Programs in Paderborn and abroad

The faculty of mechanical engineering cooperates closely with other faculties like of economic science, sciences and electrical engineering. The students benefit from this interdisciplinary cooperation, as it allows them to choose between various interesting programs, which offer promising future prospects. Thanks to their excellent qualifications, our graduates have the best chances of an attractive and professional job position.

We also support and advise students who wish to complete a part of their education at another university abroad in Qingdao, China.
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Overview of Programs
Mechanical EngineeringBachelor and Master of Science
Industrial Engineering and ManagementBachelor and Master of Science
Chemical Engineering Bachelor and Master of Science
Technical MathematicsBachelor and Master of Science
Combined Vocational Education I Mechanical EngineeringMaster of Science (plus state teaching credential for vocational schools)
Teaching Credential Program for Vocational Schools Bachelor and Master of Education
Applied MechatronicsMaster of Science

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