Mechanical Joining

The mechanical joining as a key technolofy develops efficient joining possibilities for different dissimilar and similar material combinations.

Thermal Joining

The join ability of similar and dissimilar combinations by resistance welding and innovative combinations of thermal and mechanic joining technologies get analyzed.

Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive Bonding gains more importance in combination with mechanic and thermal joining technologiews, as well as elementary joining technology in lightweight car body production.

Testing and Characteristics …

Testing and characeristics identifies necessary data for simulation and analytical calculation of materials as well for joints under quasi-static, oscillating and dynamic loads and carries out analyzations regarding failure and damage.


Simulation methods are used for development and efficiency enhancement of joining processes as well for desining and optimizing of structures and components.

Laboratory equipment

Qualification and validation if innovative materials and joining technoligies for light weight design is oerformed on testing facilities as well on modern dosing and application devices and testing facilities for mechanical and thermal joining.