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Laboratory equipment

Joining Systems

•    Joining with solid punch rivets and semi-hollow rivets
•    High-speed bolt joining systems
•    Test benches for direct screw fastening
•    Systems for resistance welding and stud welding
•    Systems for friction welding with a friction element
•    Test benches for clinching
•    Test benches for joining blind rivet and functional elements

Laboratory for adhesive technology

•    Programmable application equipments
•    Test benches for accelerated (rapid) curing
•    Installations for Surface preparation
•    Experimental equipment for manufacturing influence analysis

Testing technology and services

•    Universal testing machines
•    High frequency resonance fatigue testing machines
•    Rotation and linear cylinders for dynamic loading
•    Tension-torsion-test for mixed mode loading
•    High-speed testing machine
•    Test bench for crash tests of components
•    Test equipment for combined mechanical and climatic load
•    Climate- and corrosion test systems
•    Thermal analysis

Optical test systems

•    GOM Aramis
•    GOM Atos
•    High-speed cameras
•    Contact angle measurement
•    Thermographic camera


•    Macroscopy and microscopy…
•    Software to analyse micrographs
•    Automatic grinding and polishing systems
•    Automated nanoindenter
•    3D-Laser-Scanning-Microscopy

Non-destructive test Systems

•    Ultrasonic test in immersion Technique
•    Active and passive thermography
•    Dye penetrant inspection

Robot joining cell

•    Industrial robot with a load up to 300 kg
•    Collaborative light weight design robot
•    Integrable mechanical and thermal joining systems
•    Automated adhesive application


Dr.-Ing. David Hein

Werkstoff- und Fügetechnik

head of technical laboratory and experimental area

David Hein
+49 5251 60-5278
+49 5251 60-3239

The University for the Information Society