Scanning Electron Microscopy

Zeiss Ultra Plus

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 0.02 – 30 kV
  • Beam current: up to 100 nA
  • Local charge compensation for generating images of non-conductive specimens
  • In-lens secondary electron and EsB detectors
  • Combined EDX/EBSD system for elemental analysis, as well as examination of material phases and textured surfaces


Phillips XL 40 ESEM TMP (now FEI Quanta 600)

Technische Spezifikation

  • Operational Modes: 200 V (low-vacuum, up to 26 mbar) up to 30 kV (high-vacuum)
  • ESEM (water vapor or atmospheric gas conditions)
  • SE, BSE, and GSE detectors
  • EDX system for elemental analysis
  • EBSD for examination of material phases and textured surfaces
  • Specimen chamber diameter: 379 mm


  • Examination of surface structures in metallic specimens and in non-conductive, uncoated ceramic and polymer specimens
  • Characterization of fracture surfaces
  • Crack propagation analysis
  • EDX-analysis: qualitative and quantitative determination of chemical/elemental composition of a specimen (layer structure, percentage distribution of individual elements)
  • EBSD-analysis: characterization of grain size and local textured surfaces, identification of phases and their distribution, fracture analysis