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Engineering Mechanics (LTM)

research tasks and topics:

  • Modeling of high temperature components under cyclic mechanical and thermal loading
  • Simulation of inelastic material behavior with special attention to anisotropy and asymmetric effects
  • Parameter identification of nonlinear materials using optical methods
  • Development of numerical methods for efficient simulation of large-scale finite element structures
  • Polymorphic uncertainty modeling
  • Error controlled model adaptivity

With the coupling of education, modeling, experiment and application pursued at LTM, the future engineer is thus prepared in a multi-layered way for the ever-increasing challenges in the calculation of mechanical engineering components in industry.

the research projects at a glance

current research projects

completed research projects


Prof. Dr. Rolf Mahnken, M.Sc.

Engineering Mechanics

Rolf Mahnken
+49 5251 60-2283
+49 5251 60-3483

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