Ad­he­sion So­ci­ety An­nu­al Meet­ing 2023 in Or­lando: LW­F® rep­res­en­ted with three present­a­tions

The Adhesion Society organizes a large conference on adhesive bonding technology every year. About 275 scientists from the field of adhesive bonding technology meet and exchange information on current research topics. The LWF® was represented by three employees who presented exciting contributions from current research projects.

Ms. Karina Tews focused in her presentation "Experimental Investigation of the fatigue behavior and calculation of the service life of adhesively bonded joints" on the service life calculation of EP adhesives.

Mr. Tobias Schmolke presented results on "Leak Tightness of bonded joints in battery housings under mechanical and corrosive loads."

In the paper " Damping properties of bonded structures under dynamic loading", Mr. Johannes Göddecke addressed various possibilities for determining the damping properties of bonded joints under cyclic loading.

Conferences like the Adhesion Society enable young scientists to present the results of their work to a broad audience, get in contact with industry representatives and other scientists, and expand their network.

LWF® employees Johannes Göddecke, Karina Tews and Tobias Schmolke (ltr) present their research results at the Adhesion Society Annual Meeting.