FOREL study 2018

Paderborn, 28.02.2018
The Research and Technology Center for Resource Efficient Lightweight Structures for Electric Mobility (FOREL) has published the FOREL study 2018 under the title "Resource efficient lightweight construction for mobility: change - forecast - transfer". It addresses innovative production technologies for future vehicle architectures, points out deficits and derives the need for action. For the first time this year, the survey with more than 220 insiders will be supplemented by detailed interviews with decision-makers from the automotive and supplier industries as well as associated service providers.
The Laboratory for materials and joining technology (LWF®) of the University of Paderborn is decisively involved in this project. The LWF delivers fundamental and application-relevant results, where the main focus is on the new and further development of mechanical, adhesive bonding, thermal and hybrid joining technologies for joining new lightweight construction in multi-material-design. The focus is on processes for the efficient implementation and optimization of joining processes for resource-saving high-performance systems for future electro-mobility.

The FOREL study can be ordered as a book from or online at

Expectations of the interviewed experts on vehicle manufacturing in 10 to 15 years