Ex­cur­sion to Tuck­er GmbH in Gießen

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Within the master lecture "Thermal Joining Processes" a one-day excursion to Tucker GmbH STANLEY Engineered Fastening was offered on 20.02.2020. After arriving by bus, the participants were welcomed by the plant manager and head of R&D during a friendly reception with a company presentation. The tour of the plant by the various plant and production managers then provided an impressive and deep insight into the main areas of focus of the plant in Gießen. The areas visited included plant construction (welding power sources, feeding equipment, maintenance and repair, etc.), the production of fasteners (metallic - cold forming technology, plastic - injection moulding) as well as research and development in stud welding technology. A live demonstration of the stud welding process on a robot and on stand units with subsequent intensive discussion completed this very interesting excursion day.

The LWF would like to thank Dr.-Ing. Christian Reis and Elisabeth Gierelt as well as the entire Tucker GmbH team for the impressive day!

Participants of the lecture "Thermal joining processes" in front of the company building of Tucker GmbH in Gießen.