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Veröffentlichungen: 2012

Publikationen: 2012

Güzel, A.; Jäger, A.; Parvizian, F.; Lambers, H.-G.; Tekkaya, A.E.; Svendsen, B.; Maier, H.J.
“A New Method for Determining Dynamic Grain Structure Evolution During Hot Aluminum Extrusion”.

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J. Mech. Behavior of Biomed. Mater., 5, pp. 181-192, 2012

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Rüsing, C.J. Niendorf, T. Lackmann, J. Frehn, A. Maier, H.J.
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Metals, 2, pp. 56-64, 2012

Holzweissig, M.J.; Canadinc, D.; Maier, H.J.
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Scripta Mater., 66, pp. 435-438, 2012

Lambers, H.-G.; Rüsing, C.J.; Niendorf, T.; Geissler, D.; Freudenberger, J.; Maier, H.J.
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Mater. Sci. Eng. A, 541, pp. 73.80, 2012

Zhu, R.; Li, S.; Karaman, I.; Arroyave, R.; Niendorf, T.; Maier; H.J.
“Multi-phase Microstructure Design of a Low-alloy TRIP-assisted Steel Through a Combined Computational and Experimental Methodology”.
Acta Mater., 60, pp. 3022-3033, 2012

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Scripta Mater., 67, pp. 875-878, 2012

Sehitoglu, H.; Wang, J.; Maier, H.J.
„Transformation and Slip Behavior of Ni2FeGa”.
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Sonstige Veröffentlichungen in Tagungsbänden und Buchbeiträge

Niendorf, T. Klimala, P. Maier, H.J. Frehn A.
"The Role of Notches on Fatigue Life of TWIP Steel in the HCF Regime"
Proc. Thermec 2011, Mater. Sci. Forum, 706-709, 2012, pp. 2205-2210.

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Key Eng. Mater., 504-506, pp. 295-300, 2012

Brenne, F.; Niendorf, T.; Maier, H.J.
“Optimization of Lattice Structures manufactured by Selective Laser Melting”.
Proc. 1st Int. Conf. of the Int. J. of Structural Integrity, Porto, pp. 40-50. 2012

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