An­nu­al meet­ing of the DE­CHEMA/VDI-group Flu­id Pro­cess En­gin­eer­ing

The joint annual meeting of the DECHEMA/VDI Fluid Process Engineering group took place from March 4 - 6 at the Ruhr University Bochum. In addition to Professor Julia Riese and Professor Eugeny Kenig, Sören Bernemann, Christopher Dechert, Thomas Ehlert, Patrick Franke and Dr. Nicole Lutters also took part. We presented our current research work in the field of fluid process engineering at Paderborn University in two oral presentations and on three posters. We were also involved in two contributions from the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum and one contribution from the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf as a cooperation partner.


Oral presentations:

Christopher Dechert: "The influence of microstructures on liquid spreading in structured packings"

Thomas Ehlert: "Modeling of small-scale separation devices with structured packings and the scale-up with the hydrodynamic analogy approach"



Sören Bernemann: "CFD simulation of the flow behavior of liquid fermentation residues from biogas plants"

Patrick Franke: "Experimental investigation and modeling of the liquid-side mass transport in sandwich packings"

Iman Hami Dindar (represented by Dr. Nicole Lutters): "Aqueous glucosamine solution as a new solvent for CO2 capture"


Cooperation contributions:

Presentation by Niklas Breuer from the Ruhr University Bochum on the topic: "Use of ultrasonic sensors to determine the two-phase layer in sieve tray columns"

Poster by Torben Hochhaus from the Ruhr University Bochum on the topic: "Development of a procedure for the selection of integration approaches for heat pumps in separation sequences of chemical processes"

Presentation by Tural Mamedov from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf on the topic: "Study on hydrodynamic and mass transfer performance of Mellapak 250Y for FPSO units exposed to permanent tilt and roll motion"