EFB pro­ject award 2019

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This year's project award goes to Mr. Sebastian Meyer (LWF) and Mr. Hendrik Vogt (IFUM). Mr. Meyer has been working as a research assistant at LWF in the Mechanical Joining Technology Division since 2015. He received the EFB Project Award 2019 for the project "Introduction of functional elements during hot forming of 22MnB5" (18483N, EFB Research Report 498). In this cooperation project, together with the Institute of Forming Technology and Forming Machines (IFUM) of the Leibniz University of Hannover, the processes of hot stamping and die setting were combined. The EFB project prize honours young engineers who have advanced sheet metal processing with their research. They have worked on and completed an EFB project in an outstanding manner, both scientifically and in terms of project technology. This year the EFB Project Prizes were awarded for the 10th time. Since 2010, more than 40 young engineering scientists have already been awarded.

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