2nd International Conference on Advanced Joining Processes (AJP) - LWF represented with seven papers

The LWF was represented with a total of seven contributions. Results from the field of numerical simulation for mechanical joining, an increase in flexibility in semi-tubular self-piercing riveting and a contribution on the manufacturing history of sheet metal components were presented.

The attached photo was taken at the AJP 2021 banquet, held at Casa dos Penedos overlooking Sintra. AJP is held every two years. The conference is chaired by Lucas F. M. da Silva (University of Lisbon, Portugal). Co-chairs are Paulo Martins (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Mohamad El-Zein (John Deere, USA) and Uwe Reisgen (RWTH Aachen University). The Scientific Society for Joining Technology e.V. (WGF) is supporting this conference. The focus will be on all advanced joining processes such as friction stir welding, joining by forming, laser welding, modern mechanical joining processes, adhesive bonding, hybrid joining, etc.


More information about the conference can be found at www.fe.up.pt/ajp2021.

AJP 2021 banquet at Casa dos Penedos.