An­nu­al strategy work­shop of the LWF with present­a­tions by stu­dents

The LWF held an annual strategy workshop on 06.04.2023 and invited all students as well as technical and scientific staff of the LWF. During the afternoon and evening, exciting presentations were given on individual student work as well as other areas of LWF activity. The goal of the workshop was to provide insights into different areas, to have conversations about possible future activities at LWF, as well as to express gratitude to the students for supporting the staff through their activities at LWF. After a brief welcome, four presentations were given by LWF students. Prof. Meschut concluded the lecture series with a presentation on research and teaching at LWF in times of declining student numbers. During the following evening event, all students present were given the opportunity to ask Prof. Meschut and the scientific staff further questions about student work. The staff members also reported on their work as scientific employees of the LWF and thus offered the students insights into possible future work.