Mem­bers of the LWF at­tend­ing the 8th Sem­in­ar for post­gradu­ates in ad­hes­ive bond­ing tech­no­logy

The Seminar took place between October 12th and 13th in Bremen. This year 13 postgraduates and their supervising professors from five different universities or Fraunhofer Institutions followed the invitation of this year’s host Fraunhofer IFAM. The LWF was represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerson Meschut and the scientific staff Tobias Aubel, Jan Ditter and Michael Ditz.

During the two-day event presentations of various fields of adhesive bonding technology were held. Basic research as well as application-oriented work were presented. The topics of the first day were about testing the corrosive impact on adhesive bonded joints and surface modification. Moreover, the simulation of adhesive curing and the application of fast curing technologies were part of the seminar programme.
The second day was about the bonding process. Bonding applications of wood materials were presented. The use of adhesive bonding in shipbuilding and repair of FRP were examined as well as the ability to bond additively manufactured structures.
The last presentation of the day was about the dosing process of highly viscous resins.

Scientific discussions with recognized experts in the field of adhesive bonding technology were very useful for the postgraduates to enhance their research. A casual get-together of the participants completed the event in the evening.
Financial contribution by the DECHEMA e.V. is highly acknowledged.

Host of the 9th Seminar will be the Fraunhofer IGP led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilko Flügge in Rostock.