24.05.2013: Opening of the Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems (ILH)

After the Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems (ILH) was founded in autumn 2012, the first session of the advisory board of the ILH took place at 24th of May 2013. Subsequent a grand opening with about 300 people, most from research and industy, occured.

After being welcomed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster spoke Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Risch, president of the University of Paderborn, Dr. Walther Pelzer, group manager resource efficiency, industrial technologies, Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research NRW and Dr. Carsten Linnemann, member of the German Bundestag to the guests.

The program included lectures by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Leohold, Head of Group Research at Volkswagen AG, to the topic "Lightweight construction and sustainability - complement or contradiction", Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster with the topic "Hybrid systems for lightweight constructions as an interdisciplinary challenge" and finally Prof. Dr. Ehrenfried Zschech, Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing, who reported on "Partnership between industry and research institutions in Europe in the field of new materials".

Subsequently, the laboratories of the participating research groups at the Institute opened its doors to the guests.