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Welcome at LiA

Because of limited natural resources and future challenges of global climate protection, the economical use of raw materials and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will require intensive efforts. The passenger and freight traffic can distinctly contribute to those efforts by reducing the fuel consumption and thus saving CO2 emissions. An important step to lower the fuel consumption of cars is to reduce their weight.

That is why the chair of Automotive Lightweight Design develops lightweight construction concepts especially by using high strength steels, hybrid-constructions (e.g. steel-CFRP) and also lightweight materials (e.g. aluminum)...Read more



Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster

Leichtbau im Automobil

Thomas Tröster
+49 5251 60-5331
+49 5251 60-5333


- Metallic materials

- Fibre Reinforced Plastics / Hybrids

- Additive Manufacturing

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Endowed professorship

Endowed professorship of BENTELER Automobiltechnik GmbH

We would like to thank the Stifterverband for handling the endowed professorship.


We are member of the Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems (ILH)


We are member of the NRW Fortschrittskolleg "Light - Efficient - Mobile"


We are member of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

Research project HyOpt

Optimisation-based development of hybrid materials

The University for the Information Society