Bear­ing Dam­age

A comprehensive methodology for categorizing bearings and their specific damages was developed. It focuses on the detailed description of the damage as well as on the corresponding bearing and its application. 41 description criteria are sorted into a hierarchic structure of categories and sub-categories. The four main categories are:

  1. Category “general info” names the bearing type and the standardized code according to the standards of each bearing series.
  2. Category “manufacturer specific information” gives information about the internal geometry and parameters of the bearing.
  3. Category “application specific information” lists the specific information of the individual bearing in the form of distinct identification codes and information concerning the place of operation and the corresponding operating conditions
  4. Category “damage” describes the damages themselves by type and subtype according to ISO 15243 (2010), location, geometry, and occurrence.

According to the criteria, a detailed profile (or fact sheet) is created for the damaged bearing. It will be downloaded with the CM-data.

For detailed information on the categorization method and an overview of bearing specifications see the corresponding publication.