Data Sets and Down­load

The main characteristic of the data set are:

  • Synchronously measured motor currents and vibration signals with high resolution and sampling rate of 26 damaged bearing states and 6 undamaged (healthy) states for reference.
  • Supportive measurement of speed, torque, radial load, and temperature.
  • Four different operating conditions (see operating conditions).
  • 20 measurements of 4 seconds each for each setting, saved as a MatLab file with a name consisting of the code of the operating condition and the four-digit bearing code (e.g. N15_M07_F10_KA01_1.mat).
  • Systematic description of the bearing damage by uniform fact sheets and a measuring log, which can be downloaded with the data.


In total, experiments with 32 different bearing damages in ball bearings of type 6203 were performed:

  • Undamaged (healthy) bearings (6x), see Table 6 in (pdf).
  • Artificially damaged bearings (12x), see Table 4 in (pdf).
  • Bearings with real damages caused by accelerated lifetime tests, (14x) see Table 5 in (pdf)