Additional information

Examination types at the KAt
  • As of 2022 (available in German only)
Central Examination Office
  • Up-to-date information
Recognition of vocational education and training for "Technical Presentation"
  • As of 11-2022
Student reseach papers, projects, Bachelor's & Master’s Theses
  • Scientific subjects currently offered
Provision for assignments / recognition of courses as examination prerequisites as of examination regulations Mechanical Engineering Bachelor v3b
  • As of 24-10-2018
Information on attending exams
  • As of 05-2019 (available in German only)
Permitted resources/aids for exams
  • As of 11-17-2022 (available in German only)
Information on post-exam reviews
  • As of 01-17-2022 (available in German only)
Project seminars and projects
  • Information on their implemantation (available in German only)