New in­nov­at­ive elec­tromech­an­ic­al brake and po­s­i­tion­ing sys­tems for wind tur­bines

Funding institution: Project sponsor ETN (Energy, Technology, Sustainability)
Cooperating partner: EMB Systems AG, Availon Ltd.

A new generation of brakes replacing the brake systems built into wind turbines is to be developed and brought to series production. Advantages and disadvantages of

  • electromechanically operating brakes compared to the
  • hydraulic brake systems which are widespread to date

are to be identified by an analysis.

Furthermore, it is planned to develop a system for an automatic positioning and locking of the rotor – the so-called “Rotorlock” – to lock the wind turbine during maintenance.

The aim of this project, which is funded by the federal state of NRW and the EU, is to expand the advantages of electromechanical brakes to establish this environmentally friendly technology in the wind energy industry. The essential aspects hereby are:

  • Reducing the energy consumption
  • Reducing service and maintenance costs
  • Increasing the plant availability and the economic efficiency
  • Increasing environmental sustainability of the wind turbine by abandoning hydraulics