Op­er­at­ing Con­di­tions

The test rig was operated under different operating conditions to ensure the robustness of CM methods at different operating conditions.

The rotational speed of the drive system, the radial force onto the test bearing and the load torque in the drive train are the main operation parameters. To ensure comparability of the experiments, fixed levels were defined for each parameter (see table below). All three parameters were kept constant for each measurement. At the basic setup (set no. 0) of the operation parameters, the test rig runs at n = 1,500 rpm with a load torque of M = 0.7 Nm and a radial force on the bearing of F = 1,000 N. Three additional settings are used by reducing the parameters one by one to n = 900 rpm, M = 0.1 Nm and F = 400 N (set no. 1-3), respectively. For each of the settings, 20 measurements of 4 seconds each were recorded. Another parameter is the temperature, which was kept roughly at 45-50 °C during all experiments.

No.Rotational speed [rpm]Load Torque3 [Nm]Radial force [N]Name of Setting