Research areas

Process Engineering as a partial discipline of mechanical engineering deals with the technical conversion of materials in order to generate products for sale as well as the elimination of contaminated materials and waste.

With the knowledge of different basic process steps and their combination, different materials can be procduced. This materials can be found in nearly every product of our daily life, e.g. sugar, cement, plastics, lip sticks, beer and many more.

It can be distinguished in physical, chemical and biological process steps. Mechanical process enegineering deals with the handling of physical conversion processes, especially in the context of particular systems.

In this field fine dispersed systems (smaller than micro or even nanometer) are getting more and more importance, because of the interfacial effects.

Finished projects

Friedrich Prill Development of a controllable filter for combined separation of gaseous and fine dust emissions from biomass combustion processes
Steffen Franke Development of a process chain for the production of high-quality colloid systems
Yusra Hambal Investigation of confinement induced layering effects in plate-plate rheometers