Granting the FERCHAU Advancement Award 2015 at the graduation ceremony

This year’s graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was held on November 07, 2015 at the Auditorium Maximum at Paderborn University.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering held its annual graduation ceremony on November 07, 2015 at the Auditorium Maximum at Paderborn University. As part of this event, Melanie Kubina, Manager Recruitment of FERCHAU Engineering GmbH (branch office Bielefeld) presented the 10th FERCHAU Advancement Award. The award recipients are:


  • Daniel Riese, first prize endowed with 1,500 Euro
  • Mark Dimitri Koppert, second prize with 1,000 Euro
  • Jonas Borgolte and Philipp Eickhoff were delighted at their third place (800 Euro)

The prospective engineers solved this year’s semester assignment “Design of a two-stage gear for turning the vertical axis of a robot” as the best students in their year. The assignment is part of “Machine Elements – Drive Engineering” at the Chair of Design and Drive Engineering.

The FERCHAU Advancement Award is aimed at students of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering-Mechanical Engineering in their fourth semester. Ms. Kubina emphasized that engineering sciences have a promising future and that FERCHAU Engineering GmbH attempts to get in touch with highly qualified graduates early on.

Sabrina Böhm, M. Sc., HR representative at FERCHAU Engineering GmbH (branch office Paderborn) was there as well to personally congratulate and hand the awards to the recipients.  

Recipients of the FERCHAU Advancement Award 2015: Mark Dimitri Koppert, Daniel Riese, Philipp Eickhoff and Jonas Borgolte (left to right)