Granting the FERCHAU Advancement Award 2016

The FERCHAU Advancement Award is aimed at students of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering-Mechanical Engineering in their fourth semester. In close cooperation with the Chair of Design and Drive Technology of Paderborn University it was granted for the 11th time.

Overall, 8 groups submitted their solutions and applied for the award. The assignment was to first compute machine elements for a circular hand saw and then design it using CAD. Ms. Böhm, HR representative at FERCHAU Engineering GmbH (branch office Paderborn) and Mr. Husemann, head of FERCHAU Bielefeld handed the prize money to the winners Ivo Kletetzka (1,500 Euro), Lennart Sögtrop and Niklas Kister (1,000 Euro) and Sarah Winter (800 Euro) at the award ceremony.