Camera-based Measurement

Camera-based measurements are used for taking momentary recordings of movement and/or process cycle steps. At our chair, primarily we use both a high-speed as well as a thermal camera.

Additionally, we use microscopy above all for the analysis of piezoceramics.

High-Speed Camera:

Our chair also has a high-speed camera of the type Photron Fastcam APX R-S with up to 10 bits monochrome resolution.

The APX-RS takes up to 3,000 frames per second (fps) with full resolution in the megapixel range. At a speed of 10,000 fps, 512 by 512 pixels are available. The camera’s maximum speed is 250,000 fps.

Thermal Imaging Camera:

With the thermal imaging camera Photron VarioTHERM head, the temperature distribution in an area can be observed in a range of  -25 to 1200 °C , and a thermal image taken up to 50 times per second.

3D measurement

Our chair is equipped with an AICON 3D MoveInspect system.

The high-end version is able to acquire data with up to 1,000 Hz for an unlimited time. Any number of measuring points can be examined. The following measuring tasks are especially typical for the use of MoveInspect:

1.3D motion and position analysis

  • Door impact tests
  • Investigation of the closing behavior of flaps (e.g. trunk), convertible tops, windows
  • Vibration analysis of components
  • Path measurement of robots
  • Machine control

2.3D deformation analysis

  • Error analysis in the production line (e.g. welding processes)
  • Behavior of components in the wind tunnel or in the climate chamber
  • Collision investigations
  • Material testing, structural analysis


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