At LDM, we use different industrially common software packages. In addition to programs which can be used in a variety of areas, such as MATLAB/SIMULINK, Mathematica, or ANSYS, we also use specialized programs for particular applications. Many of these programs offer co-simulation interfaces, so that model-based analysis and simulation from different perspectives is possible.


MATLAB is a programming language used to solve computationally complicated problems, and which offers a variety at functions that can be directly used in calculations. The toolbox SIMULINK goes further; it offers the possibility of representing control loops in an intuitive graphic interface and can thus be used to simulate the behavior of technical systems. Additionally, almost all well-known toolboxes are available for our use.

Applications at LDM:

  • course "Matlab/Simulink in Mechatronics"
  • analysis and signal evaluation, and representation of measurements
  • numeric solving of differential equations
  • model-based simulation of technical systems
  • design and dimensioning of controllers and control structures
  • combination with dSPACE Control Desk and dSPACE hardware for the regulation of technical systems in real time.

AN­SYS (Work­bench)

ANSYS (Workbench) is a program for Finite Element Analysis. CAD data can be imported and analyzed, for example from programs such as Solid Edge. User-defined assignment of different material parameters, as well as application-specific adjustments to the net used to model the given geometry, refine the analysis further.

Applications at LDM:

  • estimation of stress and strain in components
  • calculation of the natural frequencies of technical products
  • calculation of transient and steady-state behavior of technical systems
  • calculation of connections and contact when using piezo drivers

MSC Adams/Adams CAR

With the software MSC Adams the behavior of multi-body systems can be analyzed. The extension Adams CAR is especially designed for the analysis of vehicle engineering problems such as axle kinematics or simulation of vehicle dynamics. Extensions for advanced tire models like FTire are also included.

Applications at the chair

  • Modeling of multibody systems
  • Modeling of axis systems, elastokinematics
  • Lecture "Vehicle Dynamics

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