In­tel­li­gent, mod­u­lar, ul­tra­sound-based dis­per­sion sys­tem for li­quids

Subject of this ZIM-funded project (ZF40329l8JA7), which was carried out together with Athena Technologie Beratung GmbH, was the development of an intelligent, modular, ultrasound-based dispersion system. A central challenge of the project was to disperse liquids that can differ significantly in their properties. Viscosity was determined as the main influencing variable for the dispersing ability.

For the atomization of highly viscous liquids, an ultrasonic standing wave system was set up. It enabled the atomization of liquids with a viscosity of up to 96,000 mPa s (e.g. viscous adhesive).

A miniature capillary wave nebulizer with an operating frequency of 257 kHz was set up for the atomization of very small quantities of low-viscosity liquids with a defined droplet size of 8 µm. The nebulizer was integrated with a precise pump to form a ready-to-use atomization system.

For the atomization of small quantities of low-viscosity liquid, the technology of the vibrating mesh atomizer was used and built as a module. The ultrasonic systems are operated with the newly developed, flexibly applicable ATHENA ultrasonic generator.

Atomization of water with the vibrating mesh atomizer to produce a fine mist of droplets.

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Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hemsel

Dynamics and Mechatronics (LDM)

Head of Engineering, Team Leader "Ultrasonic Systems and Processes"

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