The In­flu­ence of Du­plex-Tool Coat­ings in Fric­tion- Spin­ning

Friction-Spinning is an innovative thermomechanical incremental forming process in which simple as well as complex shapes, made of tubes or sheet metal, can be manufactured. In this process friction between the rotating workpiece and the tool plays an important role in elevating the process temperature which leads to increasing the formability of the workpiece and reducing the required forces.


The emphasis of the current research work lies in the characterization of friction in the friction-spinning process. To achieve this goal, the influence of the process parameters on the forces and process temperatures is primarily investigated to have a better understanding of the friction behavior in friction-spinning and consequently to be able to carry out optimization measures. Furthermore, cooperative research work with the Chair of Material Science / TU Dortmund in which duplex-tool coatings consisting of Atmospheric plasma sprayed (APS) coatings, in addition to physically vapor deposited (PVD) layers are applied to friction-spinning tools to improve the process heat flow and reduce tool wear.


Moreover, the friction-spinning process is analyzed numerically in order to be able to predict the influence of the process parameters on the final outcome utilizing minimum resources. 

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