Su­per Sharp – Tech­no­logy Kit for the Pro­duc­tion of Cir­cu­lar Blades

The aim of the "SuperSharp" research project is to investigate a manufacturing technology for circular blades used in the food industry. For this purpose the incremental flow-forming process in combination with innovative stainless materials is used.

The flow-forming process enables excellent shape and dimensional accuracy while ensuring high surface quality. Furthermore, this manufacturing technology has a high potential for cost savings especially due to reduced waste of material and energy.

By integrating a heat treatment in the flow-forming process the part properties can be influenced positively. Within the scope of this project innovative materials are explored. In addition to high strength and corrosion resistance these materials have the potential to handle microbiological aspects well.

Finally a design tool will be developed for these special materials which determines optimal process parameters and increases the efficiency of the process.